WADA Never Gives You A Second Opportunity

They are a disgrace to the sporting fraternity. They are well aware that WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) will never give them a chance if they find out that their blood, saliva, or urine samples contain traces of banned drugs, and will suspend them from participating in competitive athletics for several years, or even for a lifetime. We are talking about dishonest sportspersons, who attempt every trick in the book to participate in competitive sports and win it with the help of performance-enhancing drugs. This article in no way supports such individuals but wants to help individuals who want to repent by showing them how they can evade the authorities of WADA for the time being, and stop taking drugs permanently.

Drugs and sports have been associated with each other closely for many years. Many reputable athletes have had their medals stripped and banned from participating in their respective sporting event for many years. However, this does not deter new entrants to resort to drugs to boost theirs on-field performance. These individuals should know that the authorities of WADA are always a step ahead of them and can trap them when they least suspect it, using tests that the sportsperson did not know existed. WADA agents are also aware of the methods these sportspersons employ to bypass drug tests successfully. Fake urine is a prime example. For many years, athletes have been using it to replace their urine. Since this powder resembles human urine in all aspects after the user mixes it with water, it was difficult for the WADA specialists to determine whether the sportspersons supplied them with genuine or synthetic urine.

This is the primary reason that authorities of the drug testing agency now accompany athletes for collecting their urine samples in their presence. This step prevented individuals to sprinkle powdered urine on the receptacle and mix it with water instead of providing their own urine, knowing that it would test positive for drugs. Although one can remove drug traces from their system by detoxifying their body by drinking lots of water daily and avoiding taking drugs a couple of weeks before the date of testing. However, this trick will not be able to beat a hair follicle drug test. Remember, drug traces remain in hair follicles for a minimum of 90 days. However, you can beat a hair follicle drug test by applying detoxifying shampoo to your scalp and massaging it thoroughly for at least 15 days before the testing date. For best results, ensure that you only purchase the best detoxification shampoo available online.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Drug Tests And Its Outcome

As a budding sportsperson, you no doubt have set your sights on winning one competition after the other, until you win the gold medal for your respective sports in the Olympics, the ultimate global sporting event. You must have been working hard to keep your body fit and ensure that it does not let you down when you need it to perform optimally. This is perfectly fine and is what every athlete ought to do. Unfortunately, most athletes nowadays want to take the easy route and defeat their competitors with the help of performance-enhancing drugs. These drugs, generally steroids, enhance the performing capability of the athlete and allow them to work harder without any stress. This is a disgusting form of cheating and is an extremely serious issue.

Curbs took to stop this menace
In fact, such repeated occurrences led to the formation of the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA), a team that employs special pathological tests to determine if athletes have any drugs in their system. They have a list of banned drugs on their website and if they catch any athlete, testing positive for those drugs, they ban him from participating in the sport for several years or permanently depending on the seriousness of the offense and the number of times the individual has tested positive for drugs. Do not be fooled by the test kits and remedies available on online stores that claim that they will help you to remove drug traces from your body, allowing you to pass the WADA tests successfully. However, some of them do work and help you hoodwink the WADA authorities.

Fake urine
Available in the form of powder, fake urine resembles human urine temperature, color, and specific gravity. Using it is quite simple. The sportsperson drops the powder in the receptacle provided by WADA and pours a specific volume of water on it to constitute a fluid that exactly resembles human urine. This method of cheating worked without a hitch for several years before the drug testing authorities got an inkling about it, and have had the athletes pass urine in the vessel provided in their presence.

Sports-persons were quick to change tactics and they stopped taking drugs and started detoxifying their system two weeks or so before the date of the drug test. Although this helped them pass the test, it reduced theirs on-field performance capabilities. WADA now relies more on a hair follicle drug test, which is more accurate and detects traces of drugs even after 90 days after the athlete has stopped taking drugs. Applying hair detox shampoos can help athletes remove traces of drugs from their hair follicles.

How To Treat Addiction

Addiction can affect every part of a person’s life, including their finances, job and family life. Whether the addiction is to drugs or alcohol, overcoming an addiction can be a difficult thing. Fortunately, there are many ways to treat addiction so that the person can heal and regain a normal life.

Seek Professional Help

An addiction is never something that a person should try to overcome on their own. Addiction treatment almost always requires the help of a professional therapist or counselor. Some addiction treatment may involve cognitive behavioral therapy which focuses on modifying the person’s behavior and replacing negative thought patterns with positive ones. The cause of the addiction must be addressed in order to overcome it, such as past abuse, depression or feelings of worthlessness. With individual sessions or group therapy, a counselor can help an addict to address the cause of their addiction and get the help they need in a safe environment.

Find An Accountability Partner

To work through an addiction, it often helps to have an accountability partner. An accountability partner is someone who helps an addict stick with their goals and avoids falling back into the old habits of addiction. If the addict feels tempted to fall into addition again, the accountability partner can offer support by talking with the person, spending time with them and praising them when they reach important milestones. In many cases, the partner may be a former addict themselves, which could serve as a great inspiration to a recovering addict. will ensure that the person does not retreat into themselves, which could cut them off from human support and friendship.

Using Addiction Resources

There are many resources that are available to treat addiction. By watching addiction videos, reading books about addiction and attending addiction seminars, a person can learn more about how addiction works and how to overcome it. These resources can illustrate how the brain affects a person in an addiction, what causes relapses and how to prevent it. Education is a powerful means of overcoming addiction.

Exploring Medications

Addiction is a form of physical dependency. This is when the body develops a dependency on the drug and craves it. These cravings are what make an addiction so hard to overcome. There are certain medications which may help to control these cravings and make it easier to get off the addicting substance. It may be a good idea for a person with an addiction to speak to a counselor or doctor to ask whether a medication may be appropriate for them to try.

Get Rid Of Cannabis Residue Effortlessly

As an individual who takes part in competitive sports, you must be aware that the bodies that govern international sporting events prohibit taking drugs. In fact, they have a separate section, WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) specifically to test the blood, saliva, and urine of athletes to confirm the presence of banned drugs in their system. You can find a list of such drugs, updated on a regular basis, on WADA’s website. Do not try to fool yourself by purchasing online detection kits that claim to help you determine whether your body contains traces of drugs. These are back products, used to promote other products that allegedly remove all drug traces from the human body. Had this been feasible, the anti-drug agency would not have been able to trace and ban a single athlete. While there is no doubt about the increasing number of athletes who depend on drugs such as marijuana to boost their performance, many of them want to break free of their dependence on the same.

Be prepared for a long ban
Be prepared for an extended ban from participating in competitive sports if you test positive for drugs. As mentioned above, seeking the help of detoxification kits sold online is not the answer, as most of them do not work as promised. Apart from that, the anti-drug authorities have come up with new ways to test the presence of drugs in athletes. They know that the sportsperson will not test positive in a urine or blood test if he or she stops taking THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the chemical responsible for marijuana’s psychological effects. Therefore, they now rely on hair follicle tests that are more reliable. Traces of drugs remain in the hair follicles for nearly three months after the athlete has stopped taking it. If you thought that you could pass the drug test by not taking it at least 15 days prior to the drug test, be prepared for a surprise, as you will surely fail the hair follicle (HF) test. However, there are solutions for this problem too.

Use a good detox shampoo
You can pass the HF test by cleansing your hair with a good detox shampoo, manufactured by a reliable company and purchased from a trustworthy online store. Follow the instructions provided along with the shampoo rigorously to remove all traces of THC from your hair follicles. A brief online search will provide you with details of many online stores selling such shampoos. However, for the ultimate product, visit get rid of THC homepage, select a suitable tetrahydrocannabinol detoxification shampoo, and use it as advised to remove all traces of THC from your hair.

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