Get Rid Of Cannabis Residue Effortlessly

As an individual who takes part in competitive sports, you must be aware that the bodies that govern international sporting events prohibit taking drugs. In fact, they have a separate section, WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) specifically to test the blood, saliva, and urine of athletes to confirm the presence of banned drugs in their system. You can find a list of such drugs, updated on a regular basis, on WADA’s website. Do not try to fool yourself by purchasing online detection kits that claim to help you determine whether your body contains traces of drugs. These are back products, used to promote other products that allegedly remove all drug traces from the human body. Had this been feasible, the anti-drug agency would not have been able to trace and ban a single athlete. While there is no doubt about the increasing number of athletes who depend on drugs such as marijuana to boost their performance, many of them want to break free of their dependence on the same.

Be prepared for a long ban
Be prepared for an extended ban from participating in competitive sports if you test positive for drugs. As mentioned above, seeking the help of detoxification kits sold online is not the answer, as most of them do not work as promised. Apart from that, the anti-drug authorities have come up with new ways to test the presence of drugs in athletes. They know that the sportsperson will not test positive in a urine or blood test if he or she stops taking THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the chemical responsible for marijuana’s psychological effects. Therefore, they now rely on hair follicle tests that are more reliable. Traces of drugs remain in the hair follicles for nearly three months after the athlete has stopped taking it. If you thought that you could pass the drug test by not taking it at least 15 days prior to the drug test, be prepared for a surprise, as you will surely fail the hair follicle (HF) test. However, there are solutions for this problem too.

Use a good detox shampoo
You can pass the HF test by cleansing your hair with a good detox shampoo, manufactured by a reliable company and purchased from a trustworthy online store. Follow the instructions provided along with the shampoo rigorously to remove all traces of THC from your hair follicles. A brief online search will provide you with details of many online stores selling such shampoos. However, for the ultimate product, visit get rid of THC homepage, select a suitable tetrahydrocannabinol detoxification shampoo, and use it as advised to remove all traces of THC from your hair.

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